Marketing Cooperation Program


-- Your blog must have 1,000+ followers via Email or Google friend.-- One of your other social networks must have 5,000+ followers. (Youtube, instagram, tumblr, lookbook, pinterest, polyvore etc.)

2.$30-$100 Free Products every month.

-- Higher value free products is possible if we have an ideal cooperation (which will be evaluated by traffic you bring to our website).

3.Put our Promotion Icon on your blog.

-- Please put our Promotion Icon on the home page of your blog, and the icon should link to

4.Products review:

-- You should take photos of you wearing our clothing and make post or video within 7 days after receiving our items.-- All published posts and comments should contain links with tracking code to the product page on our website.-- Please email us once you publish your photos and comments.

5.We have the right to use the information of your post.

-- We may use your photos or reviews on our website or share them to our social network account. If you do not agree, please inform us in advance.