20 tips keeps you far from danger when you live alone

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Living alone for many years. I am a little bit persecuted paranoia. Here are 20 tips I summary to help single live women far from dangerous.


1. try to live a good security area, and now are basically into the floor to the credit card like it. But I recently lived in the old-fashioned district, and residential security Meisha use


2. There are elevators, as far as possible by closing the door and then press the floor. Other people in the elevator after you press.


3. Do not bounce on the road toss the key! Can not stand sister so innocent! Sister, especially in the key to hang a Meng Meng da doll, get off work has not yet arrived at the door (or downstairs to take the courier garbage) where rejection rejection ah, you this is shining to tell others that my family now no one to I am one.


4. Please come home to open the door after the key from the door back! . . Many sister side of the phone to open the door, or a lot of things, open the door directly to the door to stay outside the key. This kind of thing I let you remember you will not remember, so in a place to open the door to see Zhang Da Posters posted on the word Sa children, pumping key!


5. someone knocked on the door to tell you that you forgot the key, you first see is not really forgotten pumping. If it is true, you across the door shouting, "Thank you, ah, your husband out of the door to open the key to pull down the door, I do it inconvenient mask. And so outside the people go out and then you smoke. If it is not true, that the same shouting, "My husband is not forgotten the key to pull out their own ah get out of the key to go! I deposited mask is not convenient. And then remember that person looks for 110, or relatives to find an excuse to call relatives to sit at home, shouting man, woman even if the. (8.12 update: steal from someone else's school, you can find a male colleague like to record a sound in advance do not have a one-man show)


6. at home at night, first pull the curtain and then turn on the lights. After you turn on the lights if you do not pull the curtains, people outside the building or across the floor, look at your room is very clear. At that time you are not a person to live in others at a glance.


7. Net purchase or take-write write address, do not write too detailed! Throwing express delivery boxes or express delivery orders, the first name and address contact crossed out.


8. Whether it is called take-away, or packaged in the outside to bring back food, try not to let others think you are single. For example, take two pairs of chopsticks. For example, take two copies of food (especially instant noodles such fast food, you buy a bowl back too bachelor property). Such as all right to buy a box of cigarettes (you should pay attention to acting, "the boss Hello, take the box blue floor, blue floor, this is the only one, right?"), Such as with the downstairs shop child can be more familiar with the clerk chatter "My husband. Do not buy the wrong time "). Such as into the store when the phone lift to say "husband, the store has radish potatoes celery tofu lettuce cauliflower, you want to eat at night?" (This trick I did not deliberately used, generally used just in the phone when)


9. balcony hanging men's products, such as underwear, ah, what ah shirt, the door to the ground to put a pair of men's slippers, 41 yards or more (do not think what to buy a trumpet later I can wear), home to have soot Cylinder, do not brand new new put there. You do not buy cigarettes Mody, nothing to point a stamp ashtray. And then a little heart, it is best not to put cigarette butts, only put the soot, the smokers know, smoked cigarette butts and did not smoke over the cigarette burn out the difference, smoked cigarette filter mouth is dark


10. Anti-theft alarm, installed on the door that.


11. The cat's eye on the house, did not take the lid to find something to paste up, someone knocked on the door and then you see (there is a tool can be used from outside to see the situation inside the cat's eye). I said from the inside paste, the cat outside the door you do not cover up. Posted a small ad posted up you have to tear down.


12. Downstairs posted electricity bills to see the water to take home, plug in your door on a small ad in time to take down, or scribble scribble to see what the East to wipe clean. Some homes are still close to several months notice, obviously to tell others that no one in this house.


13. Encountered someone to track you, do not run home. Go to the bustling place, or run into the nearest store, and then go out when others go out together. Try to find the police uncle. Do not go home Do not go home Do not run home Do not run. You are running next door district will do! . Whether it is running or walking, you'd better look back at the time to track your movements of that person. Dare not go back to breath at home I really do not want to Tucao said more tears.


14. TV has said, someone on the road pulling you say you are his wife to let you go with him, shouting others to help useless, others will think you are husband and wife quarrel will not control you. Direct kick someone else car, lift others stalls, hit someone else cell phone, tear down the old lady will do. Things bad they will pull you let you lose money will not let you go. You can also take advantage of that he is my husband, losing money to find him. He certainly will not recognize you know, or alarm to the police station


15. With a friend that is not familiar with the address, said about which area on the line. With some of the two Baji good friend said the address, the trouble is also a little careful. My roommate's so-called girlfriends roommate roommate by deception, to tell people address, okay, all kinds of tracking. Really bad.


16. homemade pepper water. Go to the pharmacy to buy you can buy the highest concentration of alcohol, the red pepper thrown into, cut into the best cut, the basic two or three hours, the alcohol becomes red. With a small spray bottle subpackage good. Bed, bags, are placed points. There is an emergency situation directed at the bad guys face spray! Strong alcohol volatility, coupled with pepper is simply perfect match. There will be no fatal injuries and will give you time to escape! Note that the spray when the arm straight, that is far away from your point, said the volatile strong, do not go to your own nose a tear to sit on the ground to get up, then funny good !


17. at night before bed, the window closed, especially the balcony of the floor to ceiling windows. But the house can not be sealed, to find one or two can open the window ventilation, avoid middle of the night your home gas pipe aging leaks and the like. As to which windows you can open the window to look at, I opened the kitchen and bathroom, because I opened the window to the left and right look under the point of view, surrounded by nothing to step on or climb things, air conditioning, downstairs Also did not install a protective net in this direction this type, that is, bald slippery one wall, you can open.


18. home something bad, do not casually call maintenance workers to repair at home. I generally do it yourself. I can not call, I call the relationship between the hard male colleagues to accompany me at home and other maintenance workers, big deal, please meal.


19. Long time not at home, remember that water and power. All plugs are pulled down, if it is back home this Spring Festival, go before the stickers at the door of the couplets, a happy thing. Second, to the illusion of others This house is not rented is my own house, and we New Year home was.


20. Regular calls to friends or family, regular, be sure to regularly. Let them know when you will get in touch with them, if there is no contact, is certainly an accident....

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