How to make self-defense anti-wolf tools

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Self-made anti-wolf weapons, because there is no enough test, or may be too little power, not self-defense effect; either may be too much power, self-defense is easy when defending, bring legal risk. Proposed to buy regular manufacturers of anti-wolf spray or defibrillator, self-defense is very practical, is not easy to cause too much defense. Anti-wolf spray: anti-wolf spray, also known as anti-wolf spray, anti-wolf sprayer, spray system and other violence. Conventional size 35 * 110 mm, capacity 60 ml. In foreign anti-riot police generally equipped, it is characterized by - immediately stop each other's actions, was sprayed to the eyes of the two people kept streaming tears, sneezing cough, respiratory tract fire, very uncomfortable, no matter how powerful, Can not resist its power, but it will not cause any harm to the body, as you remove all the legal trouble. 60 grams of the material contained in pepper extract pure essence, mustard extract and other natural strong stimulant substances, the human body without toxicological damage. Product shelf life of two years. The main types of spray are spray type and water column type, spray type of defense range of 1 to 3 meters, water column range of up to 10 meters, is ideal for long-range self-defense. Spray style, lipstick-type spray, spray-type spray bottle and mobile phone shell-type spray, a strong hidden effect, over security generally no pressure, self-defense can paralyze each other, receive unexpected results!


Spray is portable, so that bad guys quickly lose the ability to violence, rather than causing much harm to the bad guys. Now available in the market can completely meet the requirements of the main chili spray. After spraying the other is basically the first Baotou roll, eyes basically can not open, unless it is armed with heavy machine gun fire, or simply can not continue to violence. Can use this time to reach a safe location, call for help, the police. Moreover, pepper spray will not cause any sequelae. You know, as self-defense supplies, can not be a threat to their own is very important. This is why girls do not recommend carrying a machete as a self-defense purposes == such as the subject of hydrochloric acid spray mentioned, if there is leakage, improper use or violence was taken away, in turn, is also a great threat to their own.

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