The correct defense way of Tactical Pen

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Tactical Pen is a nice weapon to combat: anti-grip, holding the pen after your fist will be less likely to be injured, you can boxing each other, you can also hammer (pen inserted), too close or clinging can press the other pain points, Strength and a little to each other caused severe pain, local numbness and other effects.


About the Tactical Pen strike position:

Temples: can cause severe dizziness, intracranial hemorrhage or death.

T-zone (eye nose and eyebrows): blindness, rupture of the brow will bleed into the eye affect the visual, nose and mouth bleeding affect breathing.

Auricle: transient deafness, pain.

Hindbrain: not as good as the palm, but also can cause dizziness effect, open a hole in the skull is no problem.

Throat: not to say, throat rupture, difficulty breathing.

Clavicle: In the focus on a little way to combat, the clavicle is very fragile, clavicle fractures or broken ipsilateral arm will not be lifted.Somewhat caused by breathing difficulties, the body will be unable to control the bending.

Ribs: another easily broken bones, broken after the internal organs will be stabbed, hit the liver caused by the pain of human parts can not afford.

Secondary parts: limbs, all joints, can cause bone fractures, muscle numbness, the other hand, such as bone interruption.

Advantages and disadvantages compared to other self-defense appliances:


Compared to anti-wolf spray that can learn a few minutes to use self-defense supplies, tactical pen demanding, at least the basis of unarmed combat training in order to play its power. (You will at least hit the boxing, to a basic stand, fighting to have a sense of distance, to move footwork, to know where the human body fragile and how to hit.


Than the folding knife, sticks and other self-defense equipment, tactical pen less a lot of power and deterrence. But more portable, you can put any pocket on the body, hanging key chain, do not belt, hanging on the wrist, encountered physical conflict can quickly remove the use. Than the hand attack power more.


Do not need to be a long time training can be used, there are bare-handed fighting basis for almost a while playing can be used.


Compared to one-handed or two-handed sword, Ibid., But weapons are more difficult to get started, short training for several years, long training for decades, while easier to carry.


Application: street self-defense in the body or not to deal with armed, such as machetes to deal with armed steel pipe is not practical, but stronger than nothing in hands.


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