How to select a qualified outdoor backpack traveling in the backcountry

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Whether it is climbing, walking, cycling or through, the importance of backpack is always the first.

In the city, your back can easily control the weight from the backpack. But when you walk on an altitude of 5000 meters, you will regret why did not spend a few thousand dollars to buy a better backpack.


A good backpack should meet the following 3 points


1, Carrying is strong.

Soft lying on the burden, is unable to transfer the weight from the shoulder to the hip. And your shoulder is very fragile in the process of walking may not walk a few steps will have the feeling of pain do not want to go, so you can not feel the fun of walking.
While the strong bearing, it will be the perfect weight of the backpack to the hip, the shoulder force is very small or almost no force.


2, the fabric is CORDURA.

In the process of walking, fabric, but related to damage caused by the backpack. Loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars make you feel bad is a small thing, affecting the hiking experience is a big thing.

CORDURA wear to what extent? In general you put yourself down, CORDURA or intact.


3, the details of the design is in place.
What is the details of the design? Do you touch your schoolbag next to the two net bag? The net pocket is the details of the design.
Good outdoor backpack in the external details of the design is extremely hard, and even allows you to no less than under the backpack in the process of completing the required items on foot, take.


Recommended 3 bag I feel more comfortable

1, Osprey Kestrel 38.
Classic entry backpack on foot models, to walk the circle of thieves threw a brick, at least to hit five back Hawk.
Perfect ergonomic design, comfortable carrying, reasonable price. The king deserved.


2, Arc'teryx arro 22.
Although the capacity is small, only suitable for one-day hiking line.
But his back is extremely paste back, very comfortable. City trekking, weekend recreational walking are generally back to him.
He's comfortable to what extent? I can not carry his belt at an altitude of 4800 on the plateau to bear the weight of walking all day.


3, Gregory z35.
Gregory's classic, ergonomic design, although not as good as Kestrel, but enough.
Carrying is also very comfortable, ventilated, perspiration of the mesh bear the design so that he became a summer artifact on foot.

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