How to select soft pvc keychain

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Soft pvc keychain, also known as Epoxy keychain, soft keychain, plastic keychain, trace keychain. Its elegant design, small size; design diversity comes from a rich imagination , its various patterns, heart-shaped, Christmas trees, butterflies, and all kinds of cartoons, a variety of small animal shapes, very realistic, very cute, nice, is a stylish decoration, by boys and girls alike. Products with soft, long life, does not irritate skin, etc., it is quite popular in Europe and other countries, fashion accessories, but also the best choice for a new humanity, let you cool flavor !

Soft pvc keychain strap

1 Comment(s)

15/09/2014, 12:08:31 PM

I bought these self defense keychains from this website for my parents and sister for their car keys with the latitude of the house we grew up in and our last name. Each one came out perfectly. They loved the gifts!

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