How to tackle your keys when you are running?

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How to tackle your keys when you are running?

Many people like running, when you get out running at evening, you may quit carry your cellphone but you have to carry your keys, however some people maybe felt so heavy and feels tinkling and very trouble, unloading this useless dumb key then put the sports pants but I always worry about it would be lost. Because wearing headphones listening to music can not hear when it drops down. how to solve this problem?


Let's see the awesome answers from our users:


There is a sporty bag "Popular fashion multi-functional purse / sports belt basic ..." But I never got the opportunity to use after I bought it, I never running....


I always hold them in my hand...


I hid my keys in the corner of the hallway in front of my house...


Well, you can still consider the pockets, arm packs, put the key in the middle of the shoelace, hidden the key in the corner of door, the stone under the mailbox, door mat underground well, pay attention to confidentiality.


Don't worry, I will not say out loud where you hide your key. Ah ha ha


If you got ear piercings, put your key on the ear, so convenient and creative trendy, Ah ha ha


1. Some sports pants will have a small pocket key

2. Take in hand (run for a long time will ignore its existence)

3. Put in the sporty waist bag(at first may also be suited to wear pockets)


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