Keychain match according to type of target audience

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Couple keychain

Couple keychain purchase

Couple keychain is the latest jewelry development made of zinc alloy ,couple keychain is a boutique business promotion sell as novel couple gifts. The back can also print laser LOGO, personalized custom keychain.

Usage: corporate branding, new product promotion, tourist attractions, souvenirs, anniversary souvenirs, advertising and other promotional items of commemorate industry.


Car keychain 


how to purchase Car keychain

Car keychain or car logo keychain is the latest development key rings that made of zinc alloy , rare metal plating surface through drip or do anti-rust treatment; auto 4S shop is a promotional gift special gifts of the owner, the owner is also essential car interior supplies, automotive accessories, personalized fashion items. 

Usage: corporate branding, new products Promotions, commemorative souvenirs and other promotional items industry.


Anti-static Keychain


Product features: Anti-static Keychain can elimination of all daily life static body, automobiles, computers, metal objects, etc. (not including industrial static);
fast: static elimination time is 0.2 seconds 3 seconds; do: to eliminate static electricity hazards; safe: 
no toxic negative effects or dangers , absolutly safety and environmental protection products.



Self defense keychain


Self defense keychain suit for EDC, easy to hide and carry it's best for self-defense, ergonomic design, easy to defense.


Multi Tools keychain


Multi Tools keychian are the most useful thing you can carry, albeit at somewhat of a compromise. They may never be the best tool for the job, but they’re rarely the wrong one. Recently, the multitool market, once justifiably dominated by Leatherman and Swiss Army Knife tools, has seen much greater diversity with the rise in popularity of one-piece multi tools—ultra-compact pieces of metal designed to hang on your keychain with a number of functionalities. In the third installment of Carry Smarter, we list our top picks from both classic multi tools and the new wave of one-piece multi tools.


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