Maintenance of leather keychain

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Maintenance of leather key holder must be careful, watch out for leather key chain fading, deformation, cracking, metal surface oxidation, etc., the surface of lether won't take long causing too old, damaged, regardless of appearance or intrinsic quality of the overall decline.

Leather keychain overall is divided into two parts, namely metal parts and leather parts.
Leather maintenance parts: always pay attention to try to be less than positive contact with sharp objects, or other objects to be linked to key in the affordable range, otherwise it will lead to serious distortion of leather hanging hole.

Cleaning leather key chain leather part time do not use water or chemicals, washing powder, I had to buy leather keychain first branch on the move, and washed with water and a direct result of moldy leather part, have had this experience, known leather shoe polish using the same color of the cloth, and when to play shoe polish leather parts should not be directly applied to the leather surface wipe, wipe the sponge should be applied to rub both before wiping appropriate.

Metal parts maintenance: Avoid contact with sweat, carbonates ingredients contained in human sweat will produce a chemical reaction with the surface of the coating, thereby etched surface coating. Can often wipe with a soft cloth its metallic surface, this can better Yasumasa keychain metallic color. The surface can be coated with water immediately with a dry cloth to prevent rusting.

If not long leather key chain, wipe the surface dust can be the first to cast parts leather shoe polish, leather and placed in order to avoid distortion in the rough ball of paper and sealed with a plastic bag on a cool dry place.

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