How to use Ninja Keychain Kubotan

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A ninja keychain kubotan is a portable self defense weapon that you can attach to a keychain and keep with you at all times. It is made of metal and has two spikes for your fingers.


Ninja Keychain Kubotan Self Defense Spike Keychain


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Self Defense – Top Priority


Being able to defend oneself is now top priority for many different people. After all, the current job type has changed drastically from the usual nine to five of yesterday. Work is now being outsourced all over the world, and they have to do work during different times of the day, sometimes waking up at midnight to work until the early hours of the morning. A lot of companies are wary of theft and have a graveyard shift of both workers and security officers. The world that leads from one’s home to one’s workplace is peopled with both the good and the evil of the planet, and you need to keep yourself from the latter kind.


The Ninja KeyChain Kubotan


One self defense weapon to consider is the ninja keychain kubotan. This is actually a modified kubotan: this kubotan includes spikes that protrude from the body of the kubotan, and these would stick out from between your fingers when you make a fist. Such a blow from this kubotan would be deadly: if you make a good punch, you could draw blood; and if you’ve trained on using this weapon, you could defend yourself quite well. This kind of weapon is built of solid metal, and it will often be a little over five inches long. All points of the kubotan or kobutan are made of metal, and it can therefore be used from any direction. You can even stick spikes inward to inflict damage using the metal stick!

Basic Self Defense with the Kubotan KeyChain

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This self defense tool can come in solid colors, such as silver or black. But, you still have to be careful about using the ninja keychain kubotan. For one, if you do not know how to handle it, you could end up hurting yourself. Those spikes are anything but safe for someone who is not fully-trained to use the kubotan! Moreover, you should get training on how to handle a kubotan. This is not a tool that is used on its own: you may need to perfect or, at the very least, have working knowledge of a martial art so that you can defend yourself effectively.

Basic Self Defense with the Kubotan Key Chain

$3.5 BUY NOW 



Legalities of this Self Defense Weapon


Finally, it is also your responsibility to know if using such a keychain would be legal in your state or county. Not all counties, states, or even countries approve the use of this iteam as a weapon. There are limits to how and where you can use it. For more information, talk to your local police or legal experts.


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