Share my opinion of female traveling safety

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Share my opinion of female traveling safety

Some people did not see this sentence, so I pulled to the beginning:

This article does not refer to those female tourists who have enough money, there is a clear plan, make out everything by their own and never take advantages of men.


I used to quite understand some girls, carrying a pack went to the way of poor traveling. Oh, standing on the highway stopped the car, but also when the sofa off the stranger to sleep at home. Full of stomach art. Meet what happened to start scolding.

I am a very burly man living in these places will be dig package. Do not you realize that this is a dangerous thing? Just like a naked man jump into the crocodile Nile swim to the other side.


Now I understand why.


Before I and a friend drive to the northwest of US, he drove. Do not mention how many people waved. we also stopped at the beginning, and asked why, are to free riders. Some of this car ride a little inconvenience, do not let him go forward and then bring a little bit, anyway, people come up your car gotta open it. And later also annoying, and said, the road is not a bus Well, stopped them, but also can not spend a few dollars. And then the other righteous, I swim Well, spend this money distressed, can save a little bit.


Sometimes to dinner, eat together. There are a few on the helpless wait for us to give the money.


Car was made dirty, funny, there is a person to sit up and say, you dirty enough to the car, ah, why not wash your car ?


Then do not bring strangers.


Approaching another friend's house when the roadside there is a girl, a look that saw the kind of baby Anne. Wearing a pair of canvas shoes, wearing a cotton dress, long hair and beautiful. In that beckoned. My friend turned and said to me, you see I put her skirt off. And then speeding in the past.


At noon we met in the town to eat her, angry angrily ran to "Why do not you waved to stop?" We do not know how to do all of a sudden but to answer. Afternoon we go, she just want to go along with "I travel and no plan, where will do."


Arrived at my friend's little city, she refused to the next. Said, it's so late, do you have bed? Then sofa is also OK, ah, I am not picky.


Arrived home, and three men are not safe (mother you know ah). Later, my friend took her to the hotel, and took her to play for a few days. After that the girl went to the next city.


I heard a theory, if a man would like to do so - do not expose the physiological desire. Similarly, girls do not want to take little advantages if she wants security.


I have another friend to talk about WeChat, the next day out, but also buy clothes and eat dinner. At six o'clock ask the girl, where to go? Or to find a place to rest? Girls are very difficult to say, this is not okay, I have a boyfriend. My friend turned his heart a supercilious look, it just bought clothes when you do not mention how your boyfriend?

In short two people went to the hotel

I also considered some of the dirty people, you can keep away a large part of the danger. There are serious car does not sit, a hotel can not live, it is not living tents ah, and the environment is not good. What others pay for your dreams?

To tell the nasty words, unless you can force when the card brush, or the girls or not even think about these things.

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