Distinguish between genuine and fake leather

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Leather only good or bad, not true or false. Anyone who tangled in true and false, no matter how hype, basically can be seen as do not understand leather. Have you ever seen someone selling leather or faux leather as a leather (product)? Basically not, unless he is not going to do a second business. It is a little business will even understand to tell you that the surface of the leather inside the leather, or the contact surface of the leather side of the back leather.


Distinguish between genuine and fake leather, honestly meaningless, few people use artificial leather to impersonate, pretend not the past, there is no need to pretend.


Leather factory and leather line can not be sold to furniture factory luggage factory, raw materials Well, obviously see.

Similarly, the furniture factory and luggage factory can not be made of leather products sold as leather dealers, business can not do only once. Even if the dealer, he is the most for stealing the concept, disturbance audition, now smashing wherever there are too many insiders.


Leather products sales is nothing more than two channels, one is electricity providers, one is the store. (Street guerrillas or jumping property clearance the last three days of such a situation is not)


Taobao shop a little bit formal, people sell a sofa or sell a package, which is part of the leather which is imitation leather. Signs clearly, you simply do not need to distinguish. Take a step back, shoddy, real ones, when you seven days no reason to return is a joke ah ha


The store, then do not need you to distinguish between true and false leather. Basically when the leather-like leather to sell such things is ninety-nine percent does not appear. I have only seen one such thing, happens to be in my hometown, a sofa, not a regular store is not authorized store, is the kind of jumping floor shipping place. Sellers to the PU and microfiber called Xipi, and then non-said Xipi is leather. 1 +2 +3, it seems less than 5000, not cheap is not too expensive, the cost of logistics warehousing in that.


I said in front of the true meaning of leather to distinguish between small, impersonate not the past, there is no need to pretend.Leather is not noble, just discuss the leather, the general popular products with leather is three, five to twenty dollars a square foot. If it is the manufacturer to buy the skin, then the cost is lower.


What is the size of a belt? How big a wallet is? A pair of shoes how much area? Even 1 +2 +3 the sofa, which is 300 square feet of skin.


1 square meter = 10.764 square feet. Although the loss of leather, the effective utilization rate is 70% higher.It's the cost of that is the case. We look at their own conversion. These products are generally leather leather mixed with the production. Why should I use all leather? I am the manufacturer, then killed me, I have to find ways to buy two leather to paste them up ah. Leather goods and imitation leather goods, the cost increase is not much, the price is completely different. The market decided to buy the manufacturers will find ways to create leather products.


Summary, how to identify leather is a false proposition. We really want to know is the luggage leather sofa with good or bad, not true and false.


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