Introducing carabiner keychain purchase skill

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Carabiner is a kind of mountaineering equipment. Always made of aluminum alloy, or iron, stainless steel, Carabiner clip have a variety of shapes, such as round aluminum carabiner annular carabiners, racetrack, racetrack-shaped aluminum carabiner aluminum egg-shaped carabiner egg-shaped, square , triangles and so on. 

 carabiner keychain purchase

Aluminum carabiner clip because of its lightweight, corrosion, rust, etc., so popular in outdoor sports enthusiasts. Moreover, the carabiner is now widely applied in the field of sports, such as stainless steel triangular carabiners can be used on a sling sandbags and can cope with high tensile strength. It can be quick and fast hanging items. Ropes rope divided two kinds assistance.

 carabiner keychain purchase skill

Ropes 60--100 meters long with a diameter of about 10 mm, weight per meter requires about 0.08 kg, tensile strength requirement of not less than 1,800 kg. Past few jute production, nearly have switched to nylon fiber as raw material. Another kind 8--9 mm in diameter Ropes, weight 0.06 kg per meter, tensile strength of not less than 1,600 kg, the risk for climbing steep rock.

 carabiner keychain

Activities auxiliary rope length according to the requirements of each region may be, without a unified standard, rope diameter of 6--7 mm per meter weight not more than 0.04 kg, the tensile strength of not less than 1,200 kg, the same raw materials and mainline used as a self-protection and use on a variety of auxiliary knots ropes protection, as well as take the rope bridge to cross the river, with a traction rope bridge transport supplies.

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